• Revolution of Apparel warehouse store is raising Revolution of Apparel warehouse store is raising 2016-07-20 15:19:19

    Many of the Apparel companies have find out a shortcut solution on saving budget for their warehouse store checking progress by investigating integrated system solution. Instead of checking every single piece of apparel at a large or mass storeroom along with hiring plenty of employees, data collection comes a wise and necessary method on saving human labor and time cost. The data collection system integrated with hardware and software. Hardware part involved RFID label, handheld scanner, tunnel scanner, database server PC and internet gears. RFID UHF tag or label gives a certain reading distance that up to 2 meters or more by different types of transponder. In detail, transponder emits a unique code and receive a response from label at a strategic sector area, different antenna design performs different sector area. Data will be wrote and locked previously in chipset of a single label, which is the only ID to identify each piece of apparel. Data is collected by transponder to system for decoding and finally come out with a sensible information to user for inventory checking. Software part has to be developed closely with Apparel company’s demand and requirement, to provide a suitable user operating hobbit and intent. Employees will be trained to learn the new technology including knowing the principle of how the system works, operating scanner technically to gather data from labels. Actually, the metal environment will interfere the scanning result, such as metal shelves, also including metal made ornaments, to improve the accuracy of data collection progress by skilled operation training and remove metal factors in storeroom. RFID apparel inventory system has raised in China apparel market since 2015. To approach the purpose of saving money, identifying apparel information and earning more benefit, the companies need to do a lot more test work in their shops and warehouses. More detail please refer: Related Reading: UHF RFID Tag Inlay,Long Range RFID Reader,anti metal RFID tag


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